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Jarrad Hewett


Audio Recording

Feel the energy as I guide you through some of the biggest blocks to abundance and unlock the secrets of instant manifestation. This recording includes some very powerful 5 D energy meant to spring board you into a greater understanding of energy and unify with the abundant SELF you truly are.

What would life look like if you were LITERALLY a vibrational MAGNET FOR MONEY? This simple to follow process doesn’t just teach you to magnetize money and live in abundance, it holds the quantum secrets to bending time and bridging consciousness. Learn to magnetize money instantly with My energy activation.

You'll learn how to jump-start the creation process and super-charge your abundance RIGHT NOW by using this 5th dimensional tool.

Amy Flynn

Meditative Journey to Alignment and Power

A beautiful guided meditation

Align with Infinite Creative Source within and connect with the endless power that is always present within you. Step into your limitless and joyful nature and experience the act of creating YOU over and over in this breathtakingly beautiful guided meditation. Eliminate stress, build your confidence and know through direct experience that you can create what you desire!

Susann Taylor Shier

Ignite Your Unique Soul Purpose & "The Year Of Finding Your TRUE Authority"


Within the pages of this powerful eGuide, Susann activates your inner North Star to feel confident in making choices that will vastly improve your career, health, relationships and overall well-being. This gift also includes a video exercise to connect to dependable guidance for stellar decision making.

Raquel Spencer

Living from Your Heart


Life is meant to be a dance, a flow of synchronicity that leads you on a path or journey for your soul’s enlightenment. The real magic of life happens when your heart and mind are aligned

Sanjay Nimar

Grace Meditation


The meditation is intended to clear all your chakras of old negative karmic patterns and then replace them with light of Grace. The meditation guides you to move a ball of light through all your chakras several times to accomplish this task relatively easily and quickly. You will feel relaxed, peaceful and clear after this 10 minute meditation.

Andie DePass

The 6 Pointed Star

E- Book

Welcome to the 6 Pointed Star, a pleasant space where you will learn to navigate your destiny. In this space, you are able to engage, understand, and find your presence in your physical vehicle. This exercise will give you the ability to see yourself into a non-physical body. As you begin to imagine and explore, you'll be able to appreciate the strategic, electric, and magnetic body system from which you operate. You will quickly get to know how to turn off the receptor of other energy and embrace the possibilities of a new navigational system from which to operate.

Wendy Kennedy



Many of us feel stuck in old ways of thinking that don’t allow for new opportunities in our lives or we try to use too much mental energy to force life into what we think it should be. This free offering from Wendy Kennedy assists in moving from the perspective of separation and limited thinking to that of allowance. Included is a channeling from The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective on opening to allowance and infinite possibilities as well as a Galactic Light Code, affirmations, and a Language of Light activation to support aligning with these new frequencies.

What are Galactic Light Codes? They are energetic symbols that convey the frequencies of light, sound, sacred geometry, and cosmic information. They contain within their coding The Language of Light, which is a universal language understood by all life. These symbols bypass the traditional language centers of the brain and are read and interpreted by you, the Divine Being of Light having a physical experience. The Language of Light and the codes assist you in attuning your frequency to that of your divine blueprint.

Christine Day

Letting Go


The "letting go" energy transmitted by the Pleiadians in this audio Download will help you loosen your grip on all that you have been holding onto; all the guilt, shame, self-condemnation, anger, fear, and pain of your experiences. Working with the conscious breath, you will free yourself to move forward and open up to new opportunities that life brings to you.

This channeled material about the letting go energy is multi-dimensional in nature, so each time you listen to the Download you will liberate yourself to another level.

Be aware that “letting go” may release deep emotions held in the cells. Remember to breathe, and know that these emotions are leaving the cells.

Beth Herndobler

Sync and Connect Guided Meditation


This guided meditation moves you into the ascended high heart to connect with your higher self, guides and all of the Divine. It is an energetically infused short, quick way to ground and stabilize with the Earth and the Heavens that takes you into the ascended high heart where you can remain in silence to continue your meditation for however long you choose. It is yours to enjoy and use over and over.

Christof Melchizedek

How to enter into Hara


The dimension of Hara is the deep primordial state of the un-manifested realm. It is the state and dimension where all potential simultaneously exists in the quantum potential. You are able to this vast pool of potential, as it is also one of our natural four states of being. You have your Physical Vessel, your Auric Field, your Hara and the Divine Spark that keeps you connected to the Eternal Light Source of the Creator. Entering Hara brings you into greater degrees of centeredness, focus, and intentionality. Everything in your life is organized around INTENTION. Being able to consciously access the frequency of intention or Hara is an important foundational step in being able to manifest what you desire. Follow this simple yet powerful technique and be obsessed about drilling it into your daily practice and you will notice powerful shifts in your internal and external reality.

Hema Vyas

Alchemy of the Heart Meditation


During this meditation, Hema Vyas will guide you through the steps to start to awaken to negative patterns, deeply held pain, wounds and emotional scars stored in the heart, invisible to the outside world. You will create new connections and emotions to reconstruct the overall quality of your life. Transforming negative patterns held in our hearts leads to an abundant, joy-filled life.

This is a powerful, meditation, your heart contains the truth to your destiny. By connecting to your heart, you are relating to your truth. Your truth can inspire you, to open your inner world to guidance, to bring you to a place of resolution and to lead you to a life of joy, prosperity and infinite love.

Tarek Bibi

Light Body Activation



  • Activate your Light Body
  • Experience an impenetrable aura and energy field
  • Experience freedom from all less then love energies and entities
  • Experience your true self
  • Experience strong powerful connection with your source

Eden Amadora


Awakening the Sun Heart: 3 Keys for Women to Call Forth the Sacred Masculine & Heal Our Relationships with Men

Beloved, come, heal the wounds of separation and create harmony with the masculine during this activating, free, online class.

Many of us have suffered from the very deep and painful wound of feeling separated and disconnected from the masculine; because of this wound, we often experience relationship struggles with men.

And now, women and men are yearning for connection that’s rooted in grace and transcends the old stories.

Are you called to create more authentic, harmonious, and satisfying relationships with men?

Are you ready to call forth the Sacred Masculine Essence?

If you feel your heart screaming "YES!!", I invite you to join me for this very powerful, free online masterclass where we will dig deep into this topic.

Jim Oliver



Hope Fitzgerald


Starter Kit

What is Infinity Wave Energy?

It is the movement of a higher dimensional frequency, which breaks up and dissolves duality, clearing the way for a co-creative dance with life. Think of it as a simple yet powerful tool you can use to connect to your higher self, others, and the Earth - the Infinite You. In its basic form, it can be used to encourage and allow flow in everyday life while, while at its most evolved, it is a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. Easy to learn and apply, it's extremely gentle yet can pack a wallop when needed! The Infinity Wave helps you to quickly and easily actualize to your deepest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expression of life.

Judy Satori

Journey to Amenti

MP3 audio

The ascended Master Thoth will take you on a journey to the inner Earth kingdoms and to Amenti, the place of the pulse rhythms of heart of the Earth. This is the place of all knowledge and wisdom as it pertains to Earth. This first journey to Amenti is an initiation process. You will pass through seven inter-dimensional gateways. Are you ready to step fully into a fifth dimensional consciousness of Peace, Love and Unity?

Christel Hughes



Tap into the Power of All of this Guided Journey, you will align with the substance of creation through the 13 Circles contained within Metatron's Cube. Archangel Metatron will guide you into the Brilliant Light to Align with the Secrets of Creation.

You'll rewire your subconscious mind so that you Know, Remember and ReAwaken your capacity to manifest your dreams.

Amanda Hopkins

Immune System Flush


Free yourself from energetic debris that’s clogging your energy flow, placing stress on your physical body and shutting down your Immune System. Energetic sludge prevents you from being in connection with your body and accessing the Wisdom and Divine Resources that are available for you within your physical body. When Divine Light energies are more fully able to penetrate the cells of your body, your body then has the capacity to break through previously held physical limitations.

Through this Soul-Body reconnection journey, access Amanda’s Cellular Restructuring Technique, which utilizes a combination of specialized energy processes to upgrade your cellular function. This will support your physical body evolution, enabling your body to receive supportive Source energy that is flowing in. Being receptive to this radiant flow of Source energy will establish a foundation for physical vitality and whole body expansion.