5 tracks to access wisdom held within DNA memory

Judy Satori on Wisdom of the Ancients

By: Judy Satori


That Can Recode Your DNA with God/Creation Energy of Light

Access Your Tru Potential — Transform Your Expression of Self

Improve Energy and Vitality — Reveal the Ancient Legacy Within YOU

Judy has opened a new energy language of divine creation.

These pyramidal energies will help you to:

  • Take a big step forward in your personal process of ascension
  • Activate a more expanded state of creation and capability in your life
  • Upgrade your human DNA
  • Upgrade your human self
  • Go Beyond the Confines of your Current Perceptions of Self and Life on Earth

The pyramidal form is a divine figure of transformation used to create alchemy, which is a complete change of state, whether that state is electromagnetic, chemical, in consciousness or to do with regeneration of the physical body.

The Bosnian pyramids together create a trinity of new creation for us and the Earth on which we live.

Join Judy Satori as she guides you to a more expanded version of our human selves. The secret lies within our human DNA code, just waiting for the energies of new creation that will unveil more of our human story and activate more of our previously dormant, human Avatar potential.


There are five pyramids in the Valley of the Pyramids near the town of Visoko in Bosnia. These are the pyramids of Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and Earth. There is also an underground pre-historic tunnel complex called the Tunnels of Ravne.

There are five structures in Visoko, Bosnia:

  • Pyramid of the Sun — Life-Force Generator
  • Pyramid of the Moon — Divine Receiver
  • Pyramid of the Dragon — Firing Principle
  • Pyramid of Love — Human Heart Connector
  • Temple of Earth — Grounding Principle

Understand the “big picture” of the Ascension process and the important legacy of a vanished Atlantean civilization in the Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids!


Track 1


Runtime: 22 Minutes

In this introduction Judy Satori explains the background to the story of the Bosnian Pyramids. In late April and early May 2018, she spent three weeks sitting within the transformative energies of the five pyramids of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, located near Sarajevo. Her story will help you understand the important metaphysical significance of these ancient "markers in time".

Track 2


Runtime: 41 Minutes

The spiritual significance of the pyramid is the first of three lectures presented by Judy Satori at the Global Pyramid Energy conference held in Bosnia in May 2018. At the conclusion of the lecture there is a summary of the important metaphysical information and effects of the pyramidal form. Energy transmissions are also included in this recording..

Track 3


Runtime: 56 Minutes

This lecture will help you to understand the “big picture” of the Ascension process and the important legacy of a vanished Atlantean civilization. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is an energy powerhouse, constructed around 30,000 years ago, containing a source of energy that has been scientifically proven to originate deep below the pyramid and capable of generating over 10 kilowatts of electricity. The question is, has this energy powerhouse been shut down in the past, or has it never been fully activated, until now? In track three you will experience energy transmissions that will assist you to access wisdom held within DNA memory, open the gateway of love within the heart and help to purify the blood.

Track 4


Runtime: 49 Minutes

The Bosnian Pyramids of Moon and Dragon is the subject of this third part of the Bosnian pyramid trilogy. In this lecture you will learn about the possible metaphysical purpose of the Bosnian pyramids. Within the trinity of Sun, Moon and Dragon there is a secret that has been left by an ancient civilization. The information you will hear in this lecture is telepathically transmitted from Spirit. Included in the lecture are energy transmissions that will help you move in a more powerful way to actualize your own purpose and activate more of your own innate potential.

These transmissions will enable you to have more vitality and energy, to feel excited, elevated and strong, to support the clearing of DNA instructions related to premature aging and the shutting down of vitality related to the aging process. It is a coming home to a more expanded expression of self.

Track 5


Runtime: 33 Minutes

At this time on Earth our physical bodies are being prepared to entrain to new, upgraded recoding energies of Light. The energy transmissions of Part Two of "An Ancient Legacy Revealed" will entrain and support you to move beyond current paradigms related to how you think, and how you are able to act, function and respond to life's demands and challenges. The pyramidal figure is a connector to entrain and create expanded God-creation energy imprints from multi-dimensional realities into the human bio-magnetic physical body as well as to planet Earth.

Included in the Package Offer:

  • 5 audio tracks to access wisdom held within DNA memory



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“ You have tirelessly continued to be a pure channel of spirit, the Elohim, Jeshua, Mary, Mother Mary to name a few as well as our Galactic family. I am so grateful for the work you do for me, us, all of humanity. ”

~ Linda

“ How can I possibly tell you what joy I feel in my heart when I open my email and see, Judy Satori. Thank you for the Christmas 2013 email, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. Wishing you all Purity Protection in the work you have come to do. We are so Blessed. ”

~ Scarlet

“ Without your unfailing work to put all this information/connection out I truly feel I would have been lost. It means so much to my sanity. When I read or listen I feel a connection to spirit, like quenching a terrible thirst that I can’t sate as accessibly as through your information. ”

~ Alexandra

“ I am so grateful for all these programs that you are channeling and making available to all of us. ”

~ Helen

“ We are so filled with gratitude at the insights and understandings which we are led to with you, thanks Judy…from all our hearts. ”

~ Melany

“ Thank you very much for the section of the 15 January. A couple of hours before the section I was very tired and i had a pain in my neck and shoulders. The only thing that I wanted to do, was to sleep (+10h). What happened the next day was amazing! After the session, I felt like a new person. All the fear and the worry i had since 2008 shifted. What is even more amazing, is that this happened to my husband as well, even though he doesn’t know anything about 15 of January and your session. To us, it feels like a new wave of energy, calmer and more peaceful is on earth and the body needs time to adjust,but is all worthy. Nature knows how to balance everything. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you, for all your work and KOHA ( it is a strange synchronicity, I’m originally from Albania, and in Albanian Koha means TIME) ”

~ Jona

“ Judy’s Jan. 15th transmission was in perfect sync with the interdimensional work that I have been doing over the past several years and most importantly reconfirming for me. Even the first question from the gentleman in regards to his mother’s rash was in alignment. My jaw literally dropped when I heard that question. I know that in my own work I am not always aware of the effects and meaning it has on others. So I just wanted to say that I was very profound for me. I am most grateful. ~With love, ”

~ Claudette

“ I have been listening to the free updates as well as the programs purchased over the years. I am finding for the first time in my life, health (energy) and quite instant manifestation. Things seem to be coming quite quickly lately. My health and energy has not been this good in 25 years. I am finding the answers to long term problems. I felt a dramatic shift in August of last year and again in December.

Anyway, I wanted to share after listening to your last broadcast and thank you for all you do. Your work has had a major effect on moving me forward and through what was a VERY dark year August 2015- August 2016. Nothing happened to me per say, but many people in my family really struggled. My husband and other family had serious health and we had financial problems (yet not really as we always found a way to make ends meet). The Mary Magdalene program got me through many tough days. ”

~ Maria

“ My name is Ilze and I am writing to you to express my gratitude and love for the support I have received from your programs over the last three years:) Your Light Language transmissions and book have created a huge change in my life and have sometimes been the only support in my everyday life.. Thank YOU for the LOVE you are providing in my life and for all people around the world.. ”

~ Ilze Bulate

“ Thank you for all what you are doing for us, for humanity! May you be blessed!! I have purchased and read your book. What an amazing history. Many things made so much sense for me as I was reading it. ”

~ Cecilia Pech

“ I have just listened to your new Light Language From Beyond the Beyond and I thought you might like a little feedback on this. While listening for the first time I suddenly knew for me I would need to listen to this transmission 3 times. I replayed this before you asked how anyone was feeling. I will admit I wasn’t feeling a great deal on the first two times but when I began to listen for the third time a began to see a S like pattern beginning to form around my head and then I realized it was taking the shape of a DNA pattern. So I was feeling that this was definitely to do with DNA downloads, codes and activations of some form. So thank you I look forward to seeing how this transforms. ”

~ Linda Ezzy

“ I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. Today I was initiated and never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine seeing the universe in its entirety and shown to select which species Id like to communicate with. Thank you for making it all possible. ”

Many blessings,
~ Jimmy Xic

“ I just wanted to give you my gratitude and thank you for all of the Light Language that you have channeled to us from Source/Spirit. I appreciate receiving their messages and especially listening to the recent transmissions for the January eclipses. Thank you for all you do, all you give and all you are. Many blessings to you and yours. ”

In gratitude,
~ Kim Young

“ I did strongly feel I had to buy the full moon regenesis. And I did, the past night, when I wasn’t able to sleep because my body was so full of energies (I woke up feeling the pyramid of the sun in me) The second track is SO powerful. Wowzie. I’ve listened to a lot of your work but this really was felt in my body. I loved how you did the lay over. It felt like the sounds spoke to me on a multidimensional level this way, reaching me in ALL of me I felt sooo good. I can hardly wait three days to repeat it ”

~ Verle

“ I would just like to say a big Thank you to Judy for her amazing work. I have been working with bits and pieces of her work throughout the past year as guided and it has really helped me through some very dark moments. It does work and I have found that I need to be consistent with it and just keep going. Her teachings really resonate with me. Thank you again. ”

Much love,
~ Sophie Williams



Judy Satori on Wisdom of the Ancients

Judy Satori

Judy Satori is an energy healer, author, spiritual teacher and multi-dimensional galactic translator; a catalyst and activator for Spirit. Her role is to transmit energy words of new creation, designed to switch on more of our human 12-strand DNA genetic code.

Her spiritual purpose is to help usher in a new beginning and a new way for life for us on Earth. She is an energy conduit for Spirit, a step down transformer between Heaven and Earth, Source and Soul. Her mission is to activate human potential in a way that has previously been impossible. Now that the Earth has shifted to the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension, human beings can begin to be energetically recreated to return to the ‘perfected pattern’ that is our birthright. Streams of light, energy and most importantly sound flow through Judy that generate peace and love in those exposed to her work. These transmissions also activate specific changes to the human genome – the DNA instructions for human life creation, activate previously dormant soul and human mind power potential and enhance physical vitality.

Judy transmits energy words of new creation through her voice, hands and eyes in the form of very rapid multi-dimensional languages. These languages are of God and are of love.

The multi-dimensional energy languages that Judy speaks are automatically transmitted. She was never taught how to speak these languages. It is just something that she innately knows how to do. Judy feels that a connection has been made with her soul memory and that she was able to do this in previous lives.

The languages vary. Sometimes they are to do with clearing karmic energy distortion, or to rewire and balance the body’s energy fields, at other times they are designed to open the heart or connect to soul knowledge and ability. The languages are profoundly healing and regenerating. Judy has hundreds of testimonials from people worldwide who have been positively influenced by this energy that is of God and from God. Judy is also to speak and translate the languages of many of the Star Nations from this galaxy and beyond.